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Why Choose Toppees?
We are an Australian delicatessen in Sydney servicing the wider Sydney metropolitan area.

Wholesalers & Distributors of:

  • Cakes & Pastries

  • Freshly Cut Sandwiches

  • Variety Quiches

Makes sense to wholesale . . .

All our products are delivered at wholesale prices where quality is never compromised. Catering, distribution, and manufacturing is made up of a unique team comprising businesses and individuals who have created a dining experience that is enjoyed all over Sydney.

Innovation . . .

We are relentless in our research to bring to you a unique product and presentation that makes you stand out from the rest. Supply flavors that will challenge your taste buds.

Our Cakes & Pastries . . .

Enjoy a special piece of cake that you or your customers will have a lasting taste remembrance of our Sydney cakes.
What does Toppees offer?

What the cost?

Gourmet Sydney Cakes

Our Freshly Cut Sandwiches . . .

Enjoy a variety of healthy sandwiches with select bread types from all over the world. Simply choose your filling and type of bread. If you are planning a cocktail party or a simple lunch, we have got the sandwich for the occasion.

Our sandwiches are nutritious and each variety of sandwich comes with a side of homemade sauce or relish. Simply drizzle and enjoy.

Our Quiches . . .

Are loaded with the goodness of fruit and vegetables, eggs and dairy, fish and seafood . . . . a variety of quiches with a unique taste and presentation. Choose from cocktail or party quiches to a large 11 inch round.

Our Service . . .

We endeavor to work closely with you to make sure that we are giving you the right product that is suitable for you establishment or occasion.

Our Valued Customers . . .

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Corporate Functions & Boardrooms
  • Private Functions
  • Function Centers & Caterers
  • Clubs & Pubs
  • Retirement Villages

We welcome you to our site and we are ready to answer any question regarding any product you request. Our chefs are creative and innovative and are able to produce a unique product that will delight you and make you stand out from the crowd.
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